The Maclure Library
EST 1797 in Pittsford, VT.

Art Shows

emily painting

Maclure Library is highlighting local artists and making fine art available to the public. The library is also providing art lectures in an effort to increase art education and cultural exposure in the community. Local talent display their paintings, sculpture, quilts, photos, or other media.

This month’s featured artist:

Friends of the Maclure Library

April - Open to all Pittsford residents, the library will hold the second Friends of the Maclure Library Open Art Show the month of June. Any Pittsford resident will have the opportunity to display a painting, photograph, sculpture, or other media at the library for everyone to see. An opening reception for friends and family is Wednesday, April 9, from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Any interested parties should contact the library for more information. Come on, almost everyone has something they are proud of! This is your chance to show it off!

Upcoming Shows

May What is Kindness - Multi-Media / Photography Show

June Photographs by Dave Pearson

July Photographs by Mark & Dennis

August Watercolors by Mary Marzec-Gerroir

September Open

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