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Internet Resources and Databases

Books / Reviews

Adult Books

Books reviews, recommendation, etc.

Book Spot

Reviews, Author Interviews, Discussion Guides

National Book Awards

Awards for the best in American Literature.

Book List by Author
Book List by Author

Complete book lists by author, title and series.

Book Ratings
Common Sense Media

Reviews and ratings for books, movies, games and more.

Children Books
DCF Books

Children Book Award Lists.

Mother Goose Program

Early preschool books and lessons.

Red Clover Books

Award’s list of contemporary picture books.

Genre Reading
Christian Fiction

Author, Books, and Reading Lists.

Historical Fiction

Authors, Books, and Reading Lists.

Internet Book List

Books by author, title, genre.


Authors, Awards, Reading Lists.

Nonfiction lists

Suggested nonfiction reading.


Reviews, Lists, and Interviews.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Recommended reading and lists.

Teen Books
Green Mountain Book Award

Award lists for students in grades 9-12.

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Databases and Search Engines

General Reference Databases
Great Websites for Kids

Homework help site from ALA

Vermont Department of Libraries

Suggested general reference sites.


Homework help on every subject.

Library of Congress
American Memory

American Memory Museum collection.

Library of Congress

Access to the National Library collection.


Site for federal legislative information.

Online Encyclopedias

Encyclopedia with 2,820,925 articles.

Vermont Department of Libraries
Vermont Department of Libraries

Access to Online Catalog and information.

VOL - Vermont Online Library
Vermont Online Library Databases

Information on a variety of topics.

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State of Vermont
Department of Health and Human Services

Health, Veterans, Disability, and Human Services

Department of Labor

For businesses, workers, and job seekers.

State of Vermont

Official Web Portal to State of Vermont.

Town of Pittsford
Lothrop Elementary School

School news and information.

Otter Valley Union High School

School news and information.


Website for the Town of Pittsford.

United States Goverment
United States Goverment

Official Portal to government information.

Vermont US Congress

Contact Peter Welch

Vermont US Senators

Contact Patrick Leahy & Bernie Sanders.

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Homework Help

Great Building Collections

Architecture reference site.

History of Art

Collection of links relating to Art History.

National Museum of Art

Art biographies, dictionary, history, images.

VoS Art History

General art history website.

American Folklore

Folktales, Tall Tales, Myths & Stories

Authors and Illustrators

Children Author’s and Illustrators.

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

Database link to different quotation sites.

Children's Illustrators

Information on picture book artists.

Research Citation Style

MLA style and APA style Citation

Health / Medicine
Mayo Clinic

Medical and health information and tools.

Parenting Teens Resource Network

Reference for raising teenagers.

Teen Health Issues

Health, growth, and emotions information.

Teen Web Links

Health, college, homework help, etc.


Health and medical information.

American Folklife Center

Folk cultural material from all fifty states.

American Memory

Historical images, maps, etc.

Ben's Guide to U.S. Goverment for Kids

How our government works.

Best of History websites

Over 1000 history websites.

Countries of the World

Information on every country.

Library of Congress

Access to the National Library collection.

Vermont Historical Society

The history of Vermont

White House for Kids

History and tour of the White House.

Law Termnology

Search legal terms by word or phrase.

U.S. Federal Courts

District, Appeals, & Supreme info.

Vermont Law Help

Free legal information, forms, etc.

American Memory

Historical images, maps, music, landscapes.

Countries of the World

Cultural, historical, statistical information.

Library of Congress

Access to the National Library collection.

Outline Maps

Blank maps of US and the world.

Untied States Goverment

Official portal to government information.


Math help for everyone, every level.

Unit Conversion

Convert money, length, temperature, etc.

Classical Music

Composers, Instruments, Periods.

Songs, Lyrics, Music and Artists

Find the lyrics to any song.

Myths and Gods
Greek Mythology

Heroes, gods and monsters of mythology.

Roman Gods and Goddesses

Information on Gods and Goddesses.

National Poetry Map

Find poets from every state

Poetry Foundation

Everything about poetry.


Space and science information.

Science Reference Services

Resources in Science and Technology.


Chemistry and the periodic table.

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