Thank You Book Sale Participants!


Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers, the Book Sale to benefit the Maclure Library Building was a huge success!

So many people helped in all sorts of ways & it was terrific!
*Thank you Bob Harnish for storing 40 cases of books all winter for us!
*Thank you Mandy Davis for creating our fabulous flyer.
*Thank you Elizabeth Simpson, Lorrie Byrom & Judi Tompkins for sorting books.
*Thank you Denise Mahoney, Elizabeth Simpson & Donna Wilson for assisting on Amazon sales.
*Thank you Troy Young for supervising the OMYA Table Delivery Team.
*Thank you Jill Blanchard for being the OMYA table acquisition coordinator.
*Thank you Bob Kilburn & Todd Landon for bringing us tables from OMYA, and *thank you OMYA for providing tables.
*Thank you to the Connaughton family for helping with everything! Advertising, picking up books, sorting books, supplying a tent, setting up a tent, acquiring and delivering tables (twice!), setting up and more!
*Thank you Lothrop School for lending us tables.
*Thank you Bob Tompkins for showing up just in time to direct our tent team.
*Thank you Tom Hooker & Daren Laughlin for setting up the Firehouse tent.
*Thank you Hank Pelkey for overseeing everything, acquiring the firehouse tent, facilitating the tent set up & for providing a hand truck.
*Thank you Barb Willis for providing a hand truck, setting up the tents & sewing the tent bag.
*Thank you Ivy Dixon for being a scheduled sales table assistant & alerting us to the tables at the Historical Society.
*Thank you David Soulia (Sr.) for picking up tables, delivering them, providing a hand truck & sweatshirt delivery.
*Thank you Donna Wilson for providing a hand truck & running errands for us.
*Thank you Howard Banow, Shirlee Nickless, Elizabeth Simpson, Denise Mahoney & Betsy Humphrey for assisting at the sales table.
*Thank you Eleanor Blankenbaker, Maddie Morgan, Lorrie Byrom & Betsy Humphrey for consolidating the books during the sale.
*Thank you Tammy Hitchcock, Matt Raupp, Laurene Ryan, & Liam Murphy for helping set up.
*Thank you Zack Gilmore for setting up & helping us wherever and whenever we needed it!
*Thank you Dave Rosato for being the set up team coordinator extraordinaire!

*Thank you Tom and Bev Browe for helping set up & overseeing the specialty table.
*Thank you Lynn Silloway for checking in often to lend a hand.
*Thank you Stephen Belcher for taking pictures & for being a part of our tent set up team!
*Thank you Ted Gillen for helping us set up the tents & for post sale consolidation help.

We couldn’t have done it all without all of your help!

We really appreciate it!
🤲💛Thank you all so much.💛🤲