New Stone Bench!

❤️🌸🎉Thank you John Haverstock, Carol Driscoll, and Barb Lalancette for recommending the Library as a recipient of the Bench!

Thank you Ted Gillen, Tharon Malay, Bob Harnish, and Hank Pelkey for prepping the area! Also, thank you Hank for coordinating with the town for us! And to Ted for coordinating the pick up and drop off of the Bench!

Thank you so much to the master carver, Nora Valdez, and her students: Sydney Taft Cole, Katie Friesen, Faith Holzhammer, Joy Holzhammer, Hunter Longley, Muirgen Piovano, Riley Quesnel, and Jadella Rivers for making a breathtaking piece of art for our Library!

Thank you to our volunteers Dana DiPietro, Greg DiPietro, Liam Murphy, and Kelsey Adams for helping us clean up and prep for the reception!

Thank you to our fabulous chefs, Laurene Ryan, Gerry Carbine, Maryanne, Tammy Hitchcock, Ivy Dixon, and Barb Willis for some seriously amazing appetizers!

Thank you to Chad Eugair, Josh Towne, and Greg Eastman for setting the Bench up for us!

Thank you David Soulia Sr. for providing any tools we needed!

Thank you Grace Tate for doing everything we asked her to do!

And a huge thank you to the Town of Pittsford for coming to this event and supporting the Carving Studio! You guys ROCK! 🎉🌸❤️